Friday, January 27, 2006

Self Control

In Juno’s post today she stated "here's your Olympic Knitting button of excess and poor self control." That sums me up.

As of last night, I'm in. I've got so many projects going right now (and even cast on another quick one last night) so I have no business being on the team but what the hell, it will be fun.

I really need to double check my facts before I commit something to writing and putting it on the Internets. I had stated that the Olympics ended on my birthday when in fact it ends on the 26th. My birthday is the 16th so I guess I just had that 16 (days) permanently imprinted in my mind.

I had planned on knitting a stole (haven’t decided on the pattern yet) in Kidsilk Haze but may change my mind and make a vest from the Folk Vest book, either will be a challenge to complete in time. Is changing your project after you committed even legal? Will I be issued a citation for changing my mind or worse be fined in yarn?

The photo? Just a bit of alpaca silk blend that I spun up last week. It looks a bit duller in the picture than it actually is. It's sitting in a bowl that my husband made in high school. Though my husband doesn't do many artsy things, isn't the bowl cool?

In an earlier post I said I would let you know how I liked my steamer. LOVE IT! Blocking, are you kidding me? If I would ever stop casting on new projects I might complete one and finally get a chance to use it for blocking. I have used it to set twist though and it rocks. It was almost like the wool was melting as I went over it but it wasn't, it was blooming. Way cool and it dried quickly too! I noticed that the completed skein wasn't totally balanced but when I checked it after it was dry it was dead on. For the record, I didn't weight it while it was drying.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

No Orchid Injuries Occured While Shooting the Sock

Well my user info and password still work so I guess I haven't been kicked out of the blog community, yet. The past month has been a rough one. It took longer to get feeling better than I expected and there has been so much to catch up on around the homefront that it left little time for anything else.

Of course I did find time to knit. I started and finished a pair of socks, started 2 other pairs and have done some spinning. I've been contemplating joining the knitting olympics but have yet to commit. As much as I would like to challenge myself and succeed I'm not sure if I really want to stress my knitting, if you know what I mean. There is also the fear of not finishing on time and since it ends on my birthday, should I not finish, I don't want to be dissapointed in myself on that day.

When the Jaywalker socks first came out I thought "they're cute" but didn't have a burning desire to knit them. I find that many of the projects others are knitting take a while for me to get excited about. With the Jaywalker's I got really excited after seeing
Amelia's pair. The picot edge just put me, well, over the edge. And then I started seeing the pink ones, I was hooked. I found a yarn that I think will be perfect at my friend Rose's etsy site and when we meet up to knit next week she is bringing me some. In the meantime, I went to the LYS and bought some Opal in Flamingo. This pair will probably be for my stepmother. As everyone else has stated, these are fun to knit! Great pattern Grumperina!

The pair of socks below I started and finished are for my father. I started them for myself and my niece commented that she really liked them so I continued knitting them with her in mind. About 1/2 way through the second sock the socks started screaming talking to me.

Sock: You haven't knit a pair of socks for Dad yet.
Me: Yeah, so.
Sock: This is a manly colorway.
Me: Yeah, so.
Sock: Dad's getting up there in years, I bet his feet get really cold.
Me: Yeah, so.
Sock: I bet Dad would LOVE these socks.
Me: Silence.
Sock: He's such the sentimental guy, he would probably cry. He would be thinking, who knits socks when you can go buy a pair for .25 cents (ok, that price was an exaggeration)? I can't believe she actually knitted me a pair of socks.

So they socks are now going to Dad and my neice will get a different pair.

Sock specs:
Pattern: just a k3, p2 rib based loosely on the basic sock pattern from Nancy Bush's Folk Socks book.
Yarn: Steinbach Wolle
Colorway: Who knows, I can't read the label :D These are the numbers listed - Partie 95144 Farbe 001
Needle: Bamboo size 3 (thicker yarn and I am a tight knitter)

I wear a size 8 shoe and these socks are loose and a little long on me. I think my dad wears a size 8 shoe so I think they will be a good fit, snug but not tight.

That's my 3-year old puppy on the left, Thor. He's stylin' today, spent yesterday at the groomers so he looks better now than in the picture.

The other pair of socks I am working on (but set aside for now as I am completely Jaywalker crazy) is the Cascading Leaves socks. I'm using Lanett sock yarn and loving it! I'm planning a trip to
The Fold in a couple of weeks and plan on stocking up on more of it.

As stated in the title, no harm has come to the orchid while shooting the photo. It's silk.

I have other things to post about but I will leave it for the next post.

One more pic, just for the heck of it.

Monday, January 09, 2006

As My Father Would Say...

feeling puny. Pneumonia. Will be back hopefully by the end of the week.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Another cool present

How could I forget this great gift that I got! I can't wait to block something or set some twist in my handspun.

I read a lot of reviews on steamers (and this one being only 29.99, bonus!) and from what I read this seemed like the best one for the price. It's suppose to have 40 minutes of steaming time which is probably way more than I will ever use. The only downside that I have found so far is it does take a bit to heat up but that doesn't bother me. Though not as small as some of the more portable steamers that would be great for traveling, it is actually pretty small, probably about 14" long. I'll be sure to let you know how well it blocks and sets twist.

Happy New Year

Though a day late, happy New Year! I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

Mine was good though I spent most of it sick and very busy (which is why I just couldn't recoup). I kept trying to get to the computer but it was an entire week that I was away, no email, anything. That is unheard of in these parts.

I didn't meet all my knitting deadline. My poor sister received 1-1/2 mittens which I then had to take back so I can finish them. My sister-in-law was very excited about her socks. It's so nice to have someone love your knitting so much. I had also made some fingerless mittens for my friend in a purplish-black alpaca with a lace cuff. They came out really nice and now want to make myself a pair. With all the holiday madness I totally forgot to take pictures of the knitted items before they went to their recipients!

I scored some Christmas knitting goodies. Four new books:
Knitter's Stash, The Art of Fair Isle Knitting, Folk Mittens, and Vogue Knitting Reference Book. I'm not sure about the Vogue Knitting one. I looked at it briefly and not sure if it really meets up to what I had hoped for. I have several reference books but thought this one would be another good edition to the library.

I also received four skeins of alpaca, a couple of table baskets, a big basket from my sister-in-law with lotion, candles and 2 skeins of novelty yarn inside and a pattern for a dog sweater (which needs more yarn but bless her heart, she tried). There were many other things but I think that's all in the knitting department. Birthday month is coming soon (February) so I have to start thinking about what I want for that. I bought myself my wheel last year so it may be a day spent going to
The Fold and getting wheel accessories and fiber.

I really need to finish my sister's Latvian mittens. I tried to work on them last night, all I have to do is the braid then it should go quickly but I kept fumbling with it and finally gave up and went back to a pair of socks I am working on. I've had the pattern and yarn for a year and many of you may have already knit them. It's the Cascading Leaves pattern from the Yahoo group
Townsend Socks Knitalong. After I finish the mitten I need to get back to the alpaca sweater and finish it. I guess I haven't been too anxious to work on it because I am afraid it will be way too warm for me to wear. What was I thinking knitting it in Alpaca? Most of the time I am hot and so if wearing a sweater it must be lightweight and usually cotton. Oh well, I'm sure I'll find and opportunity or two to wear it.

For resolutions, well, I have way too many. Last year was a very non-productive year for me and I hope to get more on-track with everything I want and need to do. My friend Rose got a Procrastinators Planner for Christmas and I may just have to have one of those. I need something to kick start my ass into gear.

Ok, if you're still here, thanks for reading. I'm starting to ramble so I'm outta here and promise to post some pics next time!