Saturday, August 27, 2005


Hi everyone! I've finally been biten by the blog bug. More than anything, it's a way for me to keep track of my knitting. I've been knitting since I was around 8, taught by an aunt, but didn't start seriously knitting until a few years ago. The blog world is wonderful, it creates inspiration, motivation and creativity!

I'm currently knitting Maimv's mittens from Folk Knitting in Estonia, a baby hat and booties set, and the Retro Rib socks from IK. I am seriously considering casting on a sweater for myself from the last year's Holiday Vogue Knitting but keep telling myself no! since there is so much Christmas knitting to be done.

I also spin. I have a couple of drop spindles and a Lendrum wheel that I purchased last February. With the holiday knitting starting I haven't been spinning much but will be sure to post some pics of progress when I do.

Well my son needs me so I will keep the first post short and come back later with some pics of past knitting projects.