Friday, January 27, 2006

Self Control

In Juno’s post today she stated "here's your Olympic Knitting button of excess and poor self control." That sums me up.

As of last night, I'm in. I've got so many projects going right now (and even cast on another quick one last night) so I have no business being on the team but what the hell, it will be fun.

I really need to double check my facts before I commit something to writing and putting it on the Internets. I had stated that the Olympics ended on my birthday when in fact it ends on the 26th. My birthday is the 16th so I guess I just had that 16 (days) permanently imprinted in my mind.

I had planned on knitting a stole (haven’t decided on the pattern yet) in Kidsilk Haze but may change my mind and make a vest from the Folk Vest book, either will be a challenge to complete in time. Is changing your project after you committed even legal? Will I be issued a citation for changing my mind or worse be fined in yarn?

The photo? Just a bit of alpaca silk blend that I spun up last week. It looks a bit duller in the picture than it actually is. It's sitting in a bowl that my husband made in high school. Though my husband doesn't do many artsy things, isn't the bowl cool?

In an earlier post I said I would let you know how I liked my steamer. LOVE IT! Blocking, are you kidding me? If I would ever stop casting on new projects I might complete one and finally get a chance to use it for blocking. I have used it to set twist though and it rocks. It was almost like the wool was melting as I went over it but it wasn't, it was blooming. Way cool and it dried quickly too! I noticed that the completed skein wasn't totally balanced but when I checked it after it was dry it was dead on. For the record, I didn't weight it while it was drying.


Blogger Rose said...

uh oh... the steamer is on my must have list.

12:47 AM  

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