Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Mitten Update IV

Sorry for the long delay between posts. I was out of state for Thanksgiving and then have been very busy since my return on Sunday.

Not a whole lot of progress on the Latvian but they are coming along nicely. I have noticed that the braid is done differently between the Estonians and Latvians. Well I haven't exactly read the Latvian way but at first glance, it appeared so. If I had taken the time to really read it then it would have cut into my knitting time :D I used the Estonian technique for this pair but I think I will try the Latvian method next time. I also found that when I was making the fringe cuff I combined the two steps into one without realizing I had done so. Next time I do a fringe cuff, I'll have to try the written way and see which one is faster.

I also made a pair of mittens from the Weekend Knitting book. It said to felt slightly but I tried to felt them more than suggested. I have four neices so I am knitting each a pair. As we are now down to, eeek! 25 days until Christmas thankfully they are a really quick knit. I really should knit a pair for my sister-in-law and my son too, if I have time.

This is Noro Kureyon #126. I am now knitting a pair in #138. I had two skeins to work from on the #126 and though the stripes do not match, I was able to keep the colors similar in both mittens.

With the #138 I am running into a problem. The first mitten is mostly pinks and reds, the second mitten will be red, orange, purple, lime green. Besides buying another skein does anyone have any suggestions how I can at least make the two mittens look similar? Since I need to make a gazillion pairs of these and want each set to be a different colorway, I don't really want to invest in 2 skeins for each set. Since I haven't looked closely at the other skeins, hopefully it is just this colorway. Thanks in advance for any suggestions you may have.

P.S. I hate blogger. What it shows on preview is not what you get!


Blogger Kenny said...

Hi Jackie, thanks for visiting my blog. Keep coming back, I try to keep it interesting.

Wow, you're one of those knitters, knitting all the hard and difficult stuff like Latvian mittens.... you probably do a whole lot of Kaffe Fasset and Alice Starmore too huh?

Anyways, I'm going to read the rest of your blog.

2:57 PM  
Blogger Beth S. said...

I love your Kureyon mittens. Love them. I wouldn't let the non-matchingness bother me too much, I think. It's in the nature of this yarn to do strange and fascinating things.

If it were socks, though, it'd drive me nuts. ;-)

2:16 PM  

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