Saturday, February 04, 2006

Yarn Obscenities

The other day I met my friend Rose at the LYS for some knitting time. I asked her to bring some of sock yarn that she has been dyeing and I picked up two lovely skeins. I bought Delightful Glow (and it is very delightful!) and Black tie affair. I can’t wait to knit these up, after the Olympics of course. Dyeing is an area I have yet to enter so it’s nice having a local friend that can dye yarn for you so she’s making me another colorway that I’ve been looking for.
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I made a couple of other purchases this week. Steinbach Wolle and Lorna’s Laces, yummm, and a new kitting bag. I went to purchase my niece a new wallet to match the backpack purse she got for Christmas and the bag’s colors caught my eye. There were many different bags in this fabric but this one seemed the perfect size for carrying around and for traveling in the car.

I think my husband thought I had lost my mind. I came in and told him I got the wallet for Katie and “since it was the first day of birthday month I decided to buy myself a Valentine’s present!” I know, that makes no sense at all but I wasn’t going to call it a birthday present since I have a trip planned to The Fold and plan on purchasing many birthday presents there :D


I have been really neglecting my wheel. This week I sat down to spin and realized how out of practice one can get. I started working on a merino/tencel blend from Blue Moon Fiber Arts (those Socks that Rock folks) in the Queen colorway. It’s so pretty… I have no idea what I am going to make with this, I have 5 ozs and plan on navajo plying it. I'm sure a project will call to me but if you have any ideas feel free to comment.

Things I have noted this week that will affect your spinning, and not in a good way:

~Don’t spin when you back hurts
~Don’t spin when you are tired
~Don’t spin when your 9 year old is talking non-stop and saying “look” every 30 seconds

So this yarn won’t be the most even that I’ve spun but that’s ok. It was important for me to get back at the wheel.

Knitting Olympics

I have yet to commit to what I am knitting. Now I'm torn between a vest from the new Vogue and socks. Later today or tomorrow I will start swatching for the vest so hopefully that will help me to decide.

Though I put up the Team chocolate, coffee and merlot button I think I need to join the team "what the hell was I thinking? It's so hard for me to stick with just one project and complete something in a short amount of time. I think my ability to be faithful in the life situations that count are in return taken out on my knitting. I would love to be one of those knitters who can stick to one project at a time but I need the thrill of being a party girl when it comes to wool.

As this seems to be the case with many of us knitters, I cheer you on in your quest to be faithful for 16 days!


Blogger the sideshow podcast said...

do they HAVE a "team what the hell was I thinking"?

Because that's the team *I* need, for sure.

I love that bag. Like, an unwholesome amount. And the singles looked pretty good from here, too. :)


3:36 PM  
Blogger krisknits2 said...

I am absolutely loving the first sock yarn in this post - where did you get it, what is the fiber content, etc., etc, etc.... Is it machine washable?

12:47 PM  

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