Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Past Projects

I had promised some pics of previous projects, they are unedited and pretty crappy but I'll show them anyways. Click for a larger pic.

A scarf of my own design in Manos

Detail of the scarf. The button I found at an antique store.

Pattern: Knit Baby Head to Toe Book Yarn: Koigu

The start of a Dale sweater that may or may not get finished someday. I'm not sure that I like it now.

I have way more projects but because I am not so organized these days (hmmm, wonder if it could be the obsessive knitting I do), they are probably scattered among many computers and I forget to take pictures of things, I'll have to post more later.

Oh, and I ran across this sky pic that we took on our honeymoom (St. Barthelemy) in the French West Indies. We were told that once a year the sun develops a strange circle around it and my DH took a very cool pic of it. So here you go
Sandy, another one!


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